Expert Author Gihan Perera
With the rise in popularity of webinars, teleseminars seem to have become less popular and are often seen as the "poorer cousin" of webinars. That's a pity, because teleseminars can still be valuable for marketing and education.
Teleseminars are inexpensive, convenient, efficient, high value to your audience, and they'll give you a significant point of difference. There's no doubt that you can do a lot more with webinars, but the humble teleseminar can often achieve the same purpose, with less preparation and less chance of technology problems.
Here are five key benefits of teleseminars (some are common to webinars as well).
1. They are time-efficient.
Your audiences have less time than ever before, and a teleseminar doesn't waste their time. They don't have to get in the car, they don't have to find parking, they don't have to arrive early and stay late for networking. Instead, they just sit at their desk until the time of the teleseminar, and then just pick up the phone and make a call.
2. You can reach a global audience.
It's unrealistic to expect that you'll automatically attract millions of Internet users from around the world. But you do take distance out of the equation.
Your teleseminar attendees can be in different cities, different countries, and even different time zones.
3. Teleseminar services are inexpensive.
That wasn't always the case, but it's certainly true now. Some teleseminar services are even free, with the only cost being the phone costs of the participants. Others are free for participants, but charge you a per-person fee. Either way, they are not expensive - for either you or your participants.
4. Teleseminar services are easy to use.
Again, that wasn't always the case, but you can now find a service that takes care of most of the technology for you. You and your participants call in, you run the teleseminar, you hang up, and it e-mails you a copy of the recording! How much easier could it be?
5. Long-distance phone calls are cheap.
Your teleseminar service might involve your participants making a long-distance phone call - and perhaps even an international phone call. However, many participants can now use phone cards, Skype, or other VOIP services. Even if they don't understand what that means and just use their standard phone line, it's easy to get a cheap long-distance phone plan nowadays.
So what are you waiting for?
Teleseminars are an easy, efficient and effective way for you to deliver your message in another way. You don't have to discard any of your existing programs; you can just offer clients another way to experience them.


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