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Sounding Credible on a Conference Call

No doubt you already know just how important credibility and professionalism are in business interactions. Conference calls present great opportunities to establish your credibility - even where you don't entirely deserve it! Other participants (who might be far more experienced or senior than you) have much less data to form their judgments about you - sometimes just a voice down the line plus what they hear about you from the chair or yourself. They won't see the suit you are wearing, the car you are driving, the office premises you work from or the grey hair you don't yet have. They will often form their judgments based on the quality of your teleconferencing techniques, rather than how good or experienced you might be in your field. Preparation Most business people are very casual about conference calls and hence don't prepare for them. Be different! A little preparation goes a long way. Since you only get one chance for a first impression, write out or practice an…

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