Expert Author Kate Tammemagi

In any Organisation, and at any level, a facilitated Team Building workshop can be a possible route to improve the Team and to foster high performance. A Team is a powerful entity, as we know from sport. A high performing Team not only achieves success, but also has dynamism and an energy that nurtures individual high achievement and a high degree of job satisfaction.

The Overall Objective

The overall objective of any Team Building Workshop should be that your Team is further down the road towards achieving the status of a high performing Team. This is a useful theme for the workshop, as it keeps the Team thinking forward to where we want to be, and planning how we can get from where we are now to the forward vision.

This fundamental objective gives us a framework that should be part of any Team Building Workshop -

1. Where are we now?
2. Where do we want to be?
3. How will we get there?

This framework can be used on a Team Build Workshop to address either or both of the 2 separate branches of the Team's goals and objectives -

1. The Team's objectives regarding our Team purpose, our Team goals and performance targets
2. The Team's objectives regarding our Teamwork, how we effectively we work together to achieve our Team purpose and objectives

Both strands will come together at the end of the Team Building workshop, in the form of strategies, plans and actions to take us forward.

Team Purpose Objectives and Goals

When addressing our Team Goals and achievements in a Team Building Workshop, it is useful to begin with a fresh look at your Team purpose and where it fits in the Organisation purpose. It is also important to identify the Organisation' strategic goals and the goals the Organisation has given the Team, as this is our context.

The objective in a Team Building Workshop then is to ask ourselves -

1. How well placed are we to achieve our Team Goals?
2. What are our strengths as a Team? What have we got to achieve these goals?
3. What is blocking, or preventing us from achieving?
4. What do we need to improve or develop to achieve success?

Our Goals in terms of Teamwork

Teamwork is the way we work together to achieve our goals. It includes our values, attitudes, relationships, and Team processes. The key to removing blocks and moving forward in a Team is to identify what PROCESS can we use to improve on this issue? There will always be a Team process that will improve relationship issues, effective work practices or blocks to high performance.

To move forward as a Team, it is useful to think in terms of Tuckman's Stages of Team Development. This will give us a good objective framework to identify where we are, and where we want to be.

In the Team Building Workshop, the Team can -

1. Review and assess their current Stage of Team Development
2. Identify their future vision, where we want to be as a Team. This involves both a vision and clearly identified goals.
3. Identify clear short term goals, the next steps we must achieve to move them to the next level
4. Plan how we will do this, strategies and actions to achieve those next steps.


Expert Author Kate Tammemagi

An office environment can be intense. It might be pressure from workload, tension with office relationships, stressful problems that are difficult to solve or the ever-increasing demands from Management. Good teamwork at the office will put all these negatives into a completely different light. They move from the present, to the past. The advantage of Teamwork is that they become issues we have addressed, challenges we have responded well to, and shared achievements we have celebrated together.

Defining Teamwork
Teamwork is not about getting on well together, though that is part of working as a Team. There is a lovely quotation adapted from Henry Ford that really pinpoints teamwork -

Coming together is a beginning.
Working together is progress.
Achieving together is success.

Teamwork is about working together to achieve shared goals, and getting that lovely feeling of shared achievement that comes from success. It is about HOW we work together as a Team. Good teamwork involves having good systems and processes to work effectively together as a Team. For example, there are often times in an office where the workload does not seem to be equally shared. One person feels they are getting too much, or all feel that another person is not pulling their weight. Without teamwork this quickly leads to stresses and bad feeling within the office.

With good teamwork, this issue can be addressed in a way that will lead to a positive solution. The team will have a forum, a type of problem solving teamwork meeting where they address issues and remove blocks. In this way, the team can avoid discussing what individuals have, or have not done, by addressing the ISSUE rather than the people. How can we ensure that workload is divided fairly? How can we support people who are under severe stress? The Team will brainstorm and come up with an appropriate solution.

They may decide something like having a stand up team huddle every day, where the team spend five minutes sorting the workload for the day. They identify those under pressure, and those that would have an hour to spare. This way, everyone is involved in ensuring the work is done, and the workload is shared.

The Advantages of Teamwork
Stress comes from feelings of isolation, inability to cope and even from boredom. An overwhelming factor is the feeling that nothing is going to change and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Good teamwork is about working together as a team make changes, to achieve, to overcome obstacles, solve problems and to implement improvements. There is always light and always a way forward, even if that way forward is planning how we will work around a block that can't be removed!

Teamwork gives that feeling of belonging, of fighting the good fight together, in good times and in tough times. There is the feeling that there are always people who want you to do well, and who want to help you. Two heads are better than one, but only if the two heads are very different! This is another huge advantage of a well-developed team. Individual differences are identified and valued. You know who can help with each issue, and you feel comfortable in making the approach for assistance.

Everyone likes being on a winning team! The great benefit of good teamwork is that this team will definitely achieve more than they would if the teamwork was absent. Equally, they all feel involved in the team's successes; the whole office feels the pride in the achievement of one individual team member. This, in turn, draws down recognition from outside the office - with management, clients etc.

Good teamwork is well worth working for in any office!


Expert Author Kate Tammemagi

The concept of Team is vital to success in Business, and Team Building is part of every Manager's role. By building high performing Teams, an organisation can harness the power of many individuals to achieve even greater heights. A good Team has benefits both for the Company, and for the individual members of the Team. Belonging to a winning Team is one of the most satisfying and motivating factors inside and outside of work. Team Building is an important part of working life. But what exactly IS a Team?

Defining 'Team'
To build a Team, it is important that a Leader has a tangible, clear vision of what exactly he or she is building, and that they have a good definition of what a Team is, and what it is not. It is equally important when discussing Team Building with the Team itself, that everyone has a shared understanding of the definition of Team.

A Team is 2 or more people, but so too is a Group, and the two are very different entities. There are 4 factors that differentiate a Team from a Group of people.

1. A Team is a Group of people who work together to achieve a SHARED purpose. By shared, we mean that all of the Team members have the SAME understanding of what their purpose is.
2. They are cohesive, they have a SENSE of being on a Team. They do NOT have to be doing the same tasks, nor do they need to be working in the same area, but they still feel as if they belong on this Team.
3. The way the work together ENABLES them to work better as a Team
4. They perform better as a Team than they would as a group of individuals

Comparing Team to Group
To get a better appreciation of the term Team, it is useful to compare this to the definition of a group in working life. A group is 2 or more people who work together. They may get on very well and they may have coffee or lunch together. They may even work very close to each other. However, the members of the group are not enabling each other to achieve a higher level of performance.

It may be that they do not have feeling of being involved together in achieving their shared purpose. Indeed, they often do not have a shared purpose at all, with each focussing only on their own, individual, purpose. They may be very nice, high performing individuals, but they are not benefitting from buzzing off each other. They may have coffee, but they talk about social life rather than work.

In terms of Team Building, if the group is, indeed, made up of high performers, it is even more powerful to bind them together in to a Team. The performance will skyrocket!

A Bad Group and Groupthink
A bad group is individuals who are working together in a way that is not helping, and may even be hindering, the output of the group. A bad group is not cohesive, there are individuals and small cliques. Some of these are trying to achieve, while others are not. The output of a bad group will be much lower than a group or a Team.

Groupthink is the opposite of Team, and is another very powerful entity. Groupthink does not often occur in the working world, but it is useful to be aware of this, and to be careful to avoid this happening to your Team. This is where a group is very cohesive and they have a very strong sense of belonging. However, they are heading in the OPPOSITE direction to their shared purpose. These folk have a shared understanding of their working world and their role in work that is working AGAINST achievement and success. Achievement to this group is bad. They protect their views and they will reject anyone who tries to argue with them, often stereotyping and labelling them as an 'outgroup'.

Expert Author Gihan Perera
No doubt you already know just how important credibility and professionalism are in business interactions. Conference calls present great opportunities to establish your credibility - even where you don't entirely deserve it! Other participants (who might be far more experienced or senior than you) have much less data to form their judgments about you - sometimes just a voice down the line plus what they hear about you from the chair or yourself. They won't see the suit you are wearing, the car you are driving, the office premises you work from or the grey hair you don't yet have. They will often form their judgments based on the quality of your teleconferencing techniques, rather than how good or experienced you might be in your field.
Most business people are very casual about conference calls and hence don't prepare for them. Be different! A little preparation goes a long way.
Since you only get one chance for a first impression, write out or practice any reports you need to give. Anticipate questions or concerns and prepare for them. Remember you have the advantage that nobody can see if you are relying heavily on notes, so have all the facts and figures at your fingertips.
There are a few things you can do before the call starts to ensure you are "positioned" in the right way in people's minds.
  • Ensure your name, title and other details are correct on any contact lists or agendas. The organiser might still have an old business card and there is a big difference between Associate and Associate Director!
  • If appropriate, ask the chair to circulate your credentials or Web site address with the agenda or prior to the call.
  • Ask the chair to introduce you in a particular way. It's often a good idea to write down exactly how you want to be introduced (this also applies if you introduce yourself). This is quite natural by e-mail and if you feel a bit awkward just explain that it will be helpful for people to know how you fit in when they address questions to you.
Naturally the way you perform on the call will have a huge bearing on people's perception of you. Most of this book is designed to improve your performance, but here are a few things that will particularly help with credibility.
  • Learn and demonstrate best practice conference calling etiquette, as we've described earlier. By following these practices you will immediately establish yourself as highly professional - and experienced, even if you are not!
  • Be assertive and straightforward. Be polite but don't be too apologetic or timid. Avoid sarcasm and aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviour.
  • Err on the side of professionalism when you are first dealing with people. You will have plenty of time to prove what a funny bloke you really are once they have come to accept you. Don't cover nervousness with humour - it usually doesn't work and will make you more uncomfortable.
  • Avoid swearing unless you know the people well.
Expert Author Gihan Perera
There are three key roles in a conference call:
  • Organiser: You're the person who schedules, arranges and brings the conference call together. You might also be on the conference call itself as the "host", either participating actively or playing more of an administrative role managing the technology.
  • Chair: You're the person running the meeting during the conference call itself, just like the chair of a face-to-face meeting.
  • Participant: You're a participant in the conference call. Of course, this includes the chair as well.
There's some overlap between these roles, and they're not necessarily always done by different people. However, all three roles are important, and all play a part in making the conference call successful.
Each of the three roles has different objectives. It's important to know these objectives as well, so the call runs smoothly.
Different people take on different responsibilities during the call. Broadly, the organiser takes on primary responsibility before and after the call, and hands over responsibility to the chair and participants for the call itself.
Note that we're only talking here about responsibility for the call. Everybody involved must still take personal responsibility for their own outcomes.
Your main objective is to conduct the business of the call, whatever that business happens to be. Even if a meeting is dominated by a vocal minority - or even a vocal majority - that doesn't mean their view should prevail. It's up to you as chair to manage the call so the overall objective is met.
Your main objective is to help the chair achieve this objective.
Think of your role as removing obstacles for the chair - things like:
  • Technology obstacles
  • Scheduling obstacles
  • Preparation obstacles
  • Agenda obstacles
  • Participant obstacles
  • Time obstacles
Focus on the things that make the chair's life easier.
Your main objective is to contribute appropriately to meeting this objective.
Expert Author Gihan Perera
With the rise in popularity of webinars, teleseminars seem to have become less popular and are often seen as the "poorer cousin" of webinars. That's a pity, because teleseminars can still be valuable for marketing and education.
Teleseminars are inexpensive, convenient, efficient, high value to your audience, and they'll give you a significant point of difference. There's no doubt that you can do a lot more with webinars, but the humble teleseminar can often achieve the same purpose, with less preparation and less chance of technology problems.
Here are five key benefits of teleseminars (some are common to webinars as well).
1. They are time-efficient.
Your audiences have less time than ever before, and a teleseminar doesn't waste their time. They don't have to get in the car, they don't have to find parking, they don't have to arrive early and stay late for networking. Instead, they just sit at their desk until the time of the teleseminar, and then just pick up the phone and make a call.
2. You can reach a global audience.
It's unrealistic to expect that you'll automatically attract millions of Internet users from around the world. But you do take distance out of the equation.
Your teleseminar attendees can be in different cities, different countries, and even different time zones.
3. Teleseminar services are inexpensive.
That wasn't always the case, but it's certainly true now. Some teleseminar services are even free, with the only cost being the phone costs of the participants. Others are free for participants, but charge you a per-person fee. Either way, they are not expensive - for either you or your participants.
4. Teleseminar services are easy to use.
Again, that wasn't always the case, but you can now find a service that takes care of most of the technology for you. You and your participants call in, you run the teleseminar, you hang up, and it e-mails you a copy of the recording! How much easier could it be?
5. Long-distance phone calls are cheap.
Your teleseminar service might involve your participants making a long-distance phone call - and perhaps even an international phone call. However, many participants can now use phone cards, Skype, or other VOIP services. Even if they don't understand what that means and just use their standard phone line, it's easy to get a cheap long-distance phone plan nowadays.
So what are you waiting for?
Teleseminars are an easy, efficient and effective way for you to deliver your message in another way. You don't have to discard any of your existing programs; you can just offer clients another way to experience them.
Expert Author Gihan Perera
There was a time when conference calls were only common for organisations - and large organisations at that - not individual business owners. But times have changed, and now it's vital for all business owners to learn and use this technology.
Here are ten reasons why...
1. The technology is far better than ever before.
Everybody now has access to high-quality conference call services that make teleconferencing viable, practical and easy to do. You no longer need to invest in advanced telephone systems, your own ISDN lines or special training.
2. It's more cost-effective now than ever before.
You don't have to sign up for long-term contracts; the calls themselves aren't expensive; you can choose options with or without operator assistance depending on your budget; and practically everybody now has a cheap long-distance telephone plan.
3. It's even cheaper when you use the Internet.
You can use Skype and it doesn't cost you a cent; you can share documents and materials easily; you can view participants' screens during the call; and you can conduct your calls from anywhere with Internet access.
4. It's another way to deliver your material.
If you're a presenter, you can leverage this material into a webinar or teleseminar for delivering a training session, a conference call for facilitating a discussion, or a series of follow-up calls to reinforce the learning.
5. It creates new product and service opportunities.
You're not just replacing face-to-face sessions. You can also create new touchpoints, such as a series of follow-up calls after a workshop; facilitating meetings among participants who don't work in the same office; and running regular problem-solving sessions to help people implement your ideas.
6. It increases everybody's productivity.
Although meetings are sometimes necessary, they can also be one of the biggest time-wasters in a business. A conference call doesn't eliminate meeting time altogether, but it does eliminate some of the wastage. If attendees have to travel to a meeting, there's a huge amount of lost productivity of taking people away from their desks for a conference or meeting. Conference calls eliminate travel time, parking time and dead time before and after your meeting. Anything that reduces that down time is worth it for you, your colleagues and your customers.
7. It's more and more common in a tough economy.
If your customers are canceling meetings because of the costs - particularly if the meeting involves travel - offer them the convenience and cost-effectiveness of conference calls instead.
8. Your clients expect you to lead the way.
If you're a presenter, you're expected to be ahead of your clients when it comes to presentation technology. Some of your clients are already using conference calls. How embarrassing if you're not - or if you fumble and stumble your way through them!
9. Video conferencing still doesn't cut it.
Video conferencing is also advancing in leaps and bounds, but it's still not a mature technology for everybody. If you've ever been on a Skype video call over a standard Internet connection, you know exactly what I mean!
10. Your competitors are doing it already!
You might not be ready for tapping into the power of conference calls, but you can bet your competitors aren't sitting around waiting until you are! They are probably already using them to some extent. So if you don't start matching them, you'll soon be left behind.

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We’ve implemented the famous Redux framework which allows you to make changes to the theme easily.

Child theme included
Ekko’s main download folder includes a child theme. A WordPress child theme allows you to apply custom code changes to your site. Using a child theme ensures your customizations will not be overwritten, even if you update the parent theme.

Smooth user experience
Ekko has been optimized to give your visitors the best experience in terms of UX/UI.

Clean coded
The theme code is well organized, clear and clean.

WPBakery Page Builder (worth $46)
Includes WPBakery Page Builder premium plugin worth $46. WPBakery Page Builder is a drag and drop frontend and backend page builder that will save you tons of time working on our site content.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin (worth $26)
Includes Revolution Slider premium plugin worth $26. Even beginners will manage to create beautiful presentations, sporting an impressive number of options.

IconsMind – Premium Icon Pack (worth $59)
Perfect icons start with icons mind. 2,080 icons in 53 different categories, designed pixel Perfect and ready for iOS, Android & Websites.

Support for all major browsers
Ekko Theme supports all major browsers and will behave identically on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Fully responsive
Built with Bootstrap 3 and compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. 12 columns grid for the main content makes the whole template very flexible for different types of data and content.

Lightbox gallery
All basic gestures are supported: flick to the next or previous image, spread to zoom in, drag to pan, pinch to zoom out or close, tap to toggle the controls, double-tap to zoom.

Easy customization
Each Demo built with Ekko will look different. Without any coding knowledge, you can create amazing websites making easy changes with the options panel.

CSS3 animations
From loading animations to toggles, and modal windows to smooth scrolling navigation, Ekko offers your visitors a clean, glorious experience.

Speed performance
Being packed with a lot and impressive features, the code is always optimized for best performance on all environments.

Translatable ready
Ekko is fully WPML compatible and also contains .po and .mo files that can be used to easily translate the theme without much hassle.

Rich typography
Google Fonts is one of the most complete sources of free web fonts. With more than 800 high-quality fonts, you can customize your website to any style and feel.

40+ WPBakery Page Builder custom elements
Ekko gives you instant access to 40+ built-in content elements. Each element has been carefully crafted and offers multiple options that will enable you to build any layout you desire. All shortcodes have been integrated with the page builder for easy use.

One click demo install
The fastest way to import our demo content. The Theme Importer provides you with all of Ekko’s pages and posts, sample sliders, widgets, theme options, assigned pages, and more.

Compatibility with Contact form 7, Gravity Forms & Ninja Forms
The theme offers support for the most popular contact from plugins available with WordPress repository. Contact Form 7 , Gravity Forms & Ninja Forms.

Parallax scrolling
CSS Buttery Smooth Parallax Scrolling. With Ekko, you can set parallax backgrounds to any page section.

Multisite tested
The Ekko theme has been tested across numerous multisite setups. Everything will function properly across your site network.

Coming soon page
Easily import the Coming soon template and customize it using your own images and theme pre-defined elements.

Lifetime free updates
Yes, with Ekko, you will get lifetime free updates. Updates may contain various theme improvements, bug fixes and security updates.

Responsive theme options panel

Ekko’s theme options panel is designed to simplify the development of any website. You can control every section of the theme without having to write a single line of code. Here are the advantages of using the theme options panel:

  • Based on the famous Redux Framework.
  • Well organized with lots of customization options: Global Options, Header, Footer, Typography, Portfolio, Blog, Shop, 404 page, Import/Export.
  • Typography options integrated with over 800 Google Fonts (select font family, weight, size and color). Use any font from Google’s free font library.
  • Typekit fonts easy integration.
  • Custom logo (text and image) and favicon upload.
  • Custom CSS field for your customizations.
  • Optional Coming Soon mode.

Third-party plugin integration

  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Revolution slider
  • bbPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Contact Form 7

The theme has been tested and works properly with the most popular WordPress plugins: WPML, Seo by Yoast, All in One Seo Pack, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, MailPoets Newsletter, JetPack, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms

Feature list

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Woocommerce compatibility
  • bbPress compatibility
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Smooth CSS3 animations
  • Well organized, clean and valid Code
  • Code built with SEO best practice in mind
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • One click demo importer
  • 35 Unique homepages
  • Professional pre-built page layouts
  • Demo Files Included
  • 40+ Built-in Content Elements
  • 200+ pre-designed Template Blocks
  • WPBakery Page Builder – worth $46
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – worth $26
  • Premium icon font pack – 2080 premium icons – worth $59
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms & Ninja Forms
  • Advanced Admin Panel based on Redux framework
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Typekit Fonts integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • One Page Scrolling
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Sticky Header
  • Footer widget ready (4 customizable areas)
  • Coming Soon mode
  • Social Sharing enabled
  • Dedicated post types for Portfolio
  • 9 Portfolio project page designs
  • Page builder active in Portfolio, Blog and Shop single page
  • PhotoSwipe lightbox integrated
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fully Translatable
  • Child theme ready
  • WPML Ready
  • High Speed performance
  • Well Documented
  • Free updates


The images in our demos are stock photos with premium license, bought from various sources, and they’re not included in the theme package.

About us

We are KeyDesign Themes, a web agency specialized in the development of most customizable premium WordPress themes.


Version 1.6 – 21 May 2020

- Added wp_body_open tag with header.php file
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.2
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.9
- Fixed PHP 7.4 theme compatibility issues
- Fixed JS issue with Extended Tabs element
- Fixed issue with bbPress title not loading
- Fixed option to enable/disable breadcrumbs on portfolio pages

Version 1.5 – 23 April 2020

- Added option to select Logo image size on mobile
- Added order option on portfolio pages
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.1
- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.2
- Fixed issue with image logo not loading
- Fixed style issue with bbPress widgets on single pages
- Fixed menu links color when Fixed option is selected
- Fixed breadcrumbs alignment issue on bbPress pages
- Fixed minor style issue with KeyDesign elements

Version 1.4 – 14 April 2020

- Improved theme loading speed
- Improved loading of theme dynamic styles
- Added NEW Testimonial Card element + pre-designed blocks
- Added NEW Lists element + pre-designed blocks
- Added NEW Price Switcher element + pre-designed blocks
- Added NEW Comparison Pricing Table blocks
- Added Events Calendar theme compatibility
- Added WP Forms theme compatibility
- Added pre-designed Banner blocks
- Added pre-designed Sidebar Layout blocks
- Added pre-designed 3x2 and 4x2 PhotoBox grid blocks
- Added Pinterest and LinkedIn sharing options on blog single pages
- Added option to display Topbar on mobile
- Added enable/disable switch option for language dropdown in Topbar
- Added global enable/disable switch for footer widgets section
- Added option to move Search bar in the main menu area when Topbar is disabled
- Added option to move WooCommerce cart in the main menu area when Topbar is disabled
- Added option to enable/disable the title on Single Product pages
- Added Mobile Typography options in Theme Options panel
- Added option to set a custom section ID with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to set icon image size with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to select title heading tag with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to display a secondary button with Sticky Navigation element
- Added option to display image caption with Photo Gallery and Masonry Gallery elements
- Added option to trigger Side Panel and Modal Popup with all theme buttons
- Added option to enable/disable price with Pricing Table element
- Added option to display a background image with Icon Box and Content Box elements
- Added option to select title font size with Icon Box element
- Added option to display an external link with Team, Testimonials and Reviews elements
- Added option to display a 5 step Process Steps element
- Added option to display arrow and dots navigation with Logo Carousel element
- Added option to set hours and minutes with Countdown element
- Added option to display simple text link with PhotoBox element
- Added email and phone icons with Team Member Circle design
- Added checkmark and times icon with Pricing Table options
- Added Viber icon with Business Info social icons list
- Added number formatting with Counter element
- Added new mobile burger menu animation
- Update KeyDesign Addon v3.0
- Update Slider Revolution v6.2.2
- Update Font Awesome icons pack
- Fixed PHP 7.3 compatibility issues with KeyDesign Addon
- Fixed style issues with default VC Tours module
- Fixed mobile layout margin on Search page
- Fixed transparent navbar issue on Search page
- Fixed external image loading issue with Sticky Navigation and IconBox elements
- Fixed row and column border style issue on mobile
- Fixed issue when adding the Extended Tabs element into a default VC Tabs module
- Fixed issue with maintenance page background image on mobile
- Fixed footer link underline effect
- Fixed blockquote style issue on mobile
- Fixed scroll to section option with Header Button element
- Fixed font loading issue with standard fonts
- Fixed lists font size issue on mobile
- Fixed YouTube iframe size on blog posts pages
- Fixed style issue with WooCommerce inline Add to cart button
- Fixed row separator style issue on mobile

Version 1.3 – 1 February 2020

- Added Team Member external link option
- Added phone and email option with Team Member Creative design
- Update KeyDesign Addon v2.9
- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.1
- Update Slider Revolution v6.1.8
- Fixed issue with Masonry Gallery and Photo Gallery when zooming the images
- Fixed sticky navigation menu color on hover
- Fixed book preview element alignment on tablet devices
- Fixed issue with dropdown menus on 960px resolutions
- Fixed style issue with WPBakery WooCommerce category elements
- Fixed App Gallery page overflow issue
- Fixed minor issues with Testimonial element
- Fixed style issues when adding lists to the Side Panel content area
- Fixed Hide Blog Title Area option not working
- Fixed style issue with Countdown numbers on mobile
- Fixed style issue with Price Block on mobile
- Fixed issue when adding links with Footer Copyright area

Version 1.2 – 4 October 2019

- Added WPML compatibility with the Advanced editor
- Added option to disable Search in the Topbar area
- Update KeyDesign Addon v2.8
- Update Slider Revolution v6.1.2
- Update Theme Activation error messages and improved system
- Fixed swipe issue when Sticky Navigation is used on page
- Fixed slider responsive issue on Web Design Agency demo
- Fixed logo image width value
- Fixed image height issue with Extended tabs
- Fixed issue with VC Media Grid images
- Fixed title font-weight and product image spacing on the Cart page
- Fixed Category and Subcategories box styling on Shop pages
- Fixed reload issue when clicking on mailto: and tel: links
- Fixed overlapping issue with social links on Side Panel
- Fixed WPML language switcher styles in Topbar, Menu and widget areas
- Fixed Polylang topbar language switcher issue
- Fixed issue with Mobile App Gallery when no mockup image is loaded
- Fixed spacing issue when Topbar is disabled
- Fixed reload issue when KeyDesign Login element is used
- Fixed text overflow issue with Pricing table element
- Fixed label color issue with Contact Form 7
- Fixed background color issue in input and textarea fields
- Fixed number style issues with Contact Form 7
- Fixed max-width issue with Tab elements when added in two columns
- Fixed float issue with IconBox element
- Fixed ContentBox style issue when disabling the icon
- Fixed style issues with media attachment pages
- Fixed pause issues with locally hosted videos
- Fixed link issue with Client Logo element
- Fixed overlapping issue with Text Rotator element
- Fixed responsive issues with CTA element when used with icon
- Fixed breadcrumb alignment issue on Blog listing pages
- Fixed spacing issue between Title and Subtitle in Sticky Navigation element

Version 1.1 – 24 July 2019

- Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.0.5
- Update KeyDesign Addon v2.7
- Update Revolution Slider v6.0.7
- Fixed and updated VC deprecated functions

Version 1.0 – 15 May 2019

Initial release

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